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Renting Tips

Renting Tips for Landlords & Roommates

When arranging viewings, ask the person to bring ID. In today's world it is best to be safe now rather than sorry later. (Ladies, try not to do viewings alone)

Always let the person viewing walk ahead of you, when showing them around, it will give a better impression of space if they do not see another person in front of them.

House Rules
Be clear about what you expect of a new roommate, so tell them the rules of the house. There is no point in creating a situation where persons may fall out in the future.

Hygiene & Aroma
Make sure the room you are showing is clean and tidy. Give the room a fresh smell with a scented candle or air freshener.

Renting rooms may also have a tax implication, so it is best to talk to the taxman/IRS to enquire what the rules are.

City Renting
To rent a room in the city is easier that ever, there are lots of web sites around, just like, and newspapers that advertise for roommates, housemates, flatmates, house shares, flat shares, for students and professionals.

Rooms to rent in cities are easier to come by, but in quieter areas like the countryside and villages it is also best to check the local newspaper and the local shops for advertisements. (Please tell the landlord about

Lease and Bills
Before you rent a room clarify what the terms of the lease are, like what the minimum duration is, cost per month and which bills are included and which are not.

Broadband, Phones and Television
Now that everyone has easy access to communications services, you may want to have it installed in your room, so ask the landlord if they would permit the installation.

Internet Scams, Be Aware

When renting there are some scams you should be aware of:

The most common one is when someone replies to your ad saying they are moving to your country to work or study.
They will offer to pay up front for the rent and will send you a check for much more than the rent comes to.
They may then say that their company or family has issued just one cheque for the trip and if you would be so kind as to cash the cheque and return the outstanding balance.
Beware, this cheque is a fake and although your bank may show it as cleared it will not actually clear. Cheques take almost 1 month to fully clear. So do not in any case send money to anyone you have not met. If they want a room they should transfer the money to your bank account, NO CHEQUE's.