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How to Advertise a Room & Find a Roommate

Advertising a room is a very simple and effective way of earning extra income and in some countries can actually be tax free income.
When you advertise a room you should always try to provide the following information:

1. Rental Cost - Either provide the weekly or monthly cost of the room you are renting.
2. Deposit - What deposit will be required.
3. Location - Where is the property (provide accurate postcode in the ad details)
4. Amenities - What parks or shops are near by the property being offered.
5. Local Transport - Buses, Trains
6. Details about other roommates
7. Rental Period - What is the minimum term of rental
8. Lease - Terms of the lease i.e 3, 6 or 12 month lease etc
9. Landlord - Details about the landlord i.e Live in Landlord, Professional Landlord
10.Tenancy Deposit Scheme - Let your Tenants know about how their deposit will be protected.

Please remember not to put your email address or personal telephone number in your ad description. We are trying to protect you from becoming a victim of online scams or spam.
If you want to put in a web address in your advertisement then you need to place a back link from that website to
Happy Renting
RTL Team
To Advertise now, simply click the "Advertise a Room" tab on the top of the screen or click here