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Renting Scams

When renting to strangers there are some scams you should be aware of.
The most common one is when someone replies to your ad saying they are moving to your country to work or study.
They will offer to pay upfront for the rent and if you agree they will send you a cheque for much more than the rent comes to.

They may then say that their company or family has issued just one cheque for the trip and if you would be so kind as to cash the cheque and return the outstanding balance.

Beware, this cheque is a fake and although your bank may show it as cleared it will not actually clear.
Cheques  take almost 1 month to fully clear. So do not in any case send money to anyone you have not met.

If they want a room they should transfer the money to your bank account, NO CHEQUE's.

Please send us details of any more renting scams you know about.
RTL Team